Repairs to existing pieces

Form jewellery design repairs and modifies existing pieces. Do you have a treasured item your not happy to hand over to someone who you aren't able to see or talk with ? Or do you have a ring that isn't correctly sized ? Get in contact with us and we can make an appointment for you to sit down with a qualified jeweller who can reassure and advise you on the best way to proceeded.


Form jewellery design specialises in manufacturing new pieces using the latest in cadcam technology. Dealing directly with the jeweller who is also the computer designer means your design moves from paper to finished piece with your input throughout the entire process. You can view fully rendered images, see the design in three dimensions, rotate and zoom in and out to make sure the design is exactly how you would like it before proceeding through to the manufacturing stages.


Form jewellery design encourages you to re-use and recycle your old gold and stones. From rings to bangles and pendants its amazing what your old pieces can be transformed into. For inspiration please feel free to view our portfolio and make of the month categories (top).


Form jewellery design is proud to offer independent valuations to clients. Our off site valuer is highly qualified and experienced in all types of valuation. If your jewellery is not valued, has not been valued for a long period of time or you believe the value may have changed please contact us to have your items valued.


For sale items

As a manufacturing workshop I generally don't carry stock. However occasionally a stone might catch my eye, or a design swims into my mind. Then I will computer design and manufacture the item and put in up for sale in the "for sale items" area of this website. These designs will be one off items and generally will never be made again. All items will come with independent valuations. Please feel free to browse the for sale items and let me know if there is an item you are interested in.

Make of the month

My "make of the month' section details a item that has caught my eye from the months manufacturing.Sometimes they will be spectacular pieces and sometimes they be a recycled piece that gave me enjoyment to make.Please feel free to have a browse and see some of my makes.

Polish and rhodium guarantee

Any item made by Form Jewellery Design comes with free yearly inspection, polish and rhodium plate (if applicable). Just bring it in once a year and let us take a look over your item and bring it back to near new.